Gallery membersip is a juried process, involving an application, presentation of samples of work and a meeting with current members. New members pay an entry fee and all pay monthly rent and work in the gallery for a set amount of days per month. A small percentage of members' sales fees go back into the gallery. We hold monthly administrative meetings to decide on things as mundane as purchase of printer ink or paper towels, and more exciting topics such as planning for upcoming gallery events, window and wall re-hangings and prospective new members. If you're lucky, you might get to see one of the artists at work, on occasion, in the gallery.

We are fortunate to have a large collection of diverse consignment artists. Some have been members but changed their status due to other responsibilities, some are local artists who have 'real jobs' and as such aren't able to spend the amount of time and energy that membership entails, some are from out of town, a few even from out of state, but we love all the different styles and talents.