Sam and Kathy Dixon

Samuel Dixon is a master silversmith.

Sam apprenticed under Sal Chavez, of Sal's Jewelry, located on Central Avenue in Albuquerque. Sal and his Son are renowned Gold smith's and Silver Smith's. Sam was able to do this and is now a master silver smith because of a program for disabled Veterans. He has been silversmithing for over 20 years, and specializes in custom belt buckles and other custom pieces. Sam is a local, his Great Grand parents homesteaded outside of Las Vegas. They had a store on 6th street called "La Tienda Del Banco De Ahorras" (The Savings Bank Store), this was 1905-1908.. Sam graduated from Robertson High School in 1966, then joined the Marine Corps. We use hand tools, hand saws, and hand files to produce our jewelry. All forming, cutting, and manufacturing of our jewelry is done without the use of power tools. We pride ourselves in our ability to create quality silver work by using manual tools to work the silver. It is very labor intensive to work with hand tools, however, each piece is one of a kind and can not be duplicated. This makes each piece unique and a treasure to the owner of the piece. Kathy started her gift shop where El Zocalo was, at 210 Plaza. in 1996, then moved over to Bridge street. She was treasurer and then secretary of Old Town Commercial Club. She started oil painting in the 1970's, when she lived in Albuquerque. She was a licensed Cosmetologist for 30 years. Kathy started silversmithing with Sam as his student. She also crochets wall hangings and won 2nd place at the N.M. State Fair. Also some of her bead work (earrings) are in the showcase, with the silver jewelry. She is now a member of the Las Vegas Arts Council, and had four of her paintings entered in the "Nature" art show.